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Meet the Board: Ron Magers

There is no bigger supporter of Seaside Sustainability than Ron Magers, father of the organization’s Founder and Executive Director, Eric Magers. Ron is a graphic artist who spent his life creating toys and designing graphics for brands. Most notably, he designed the bestselling children’s toy of 2011 — the Sing-A-Ma-Jig! He also designed the packaging for a popular 1970s Ovaltine product called Screaming Yellow Zonkers. Seaside Sustainability is incredibly fortunate to have Ron on the board. He is the talent behind the organization’s logo and has been a major contributor in developing the image of Seaside Sustainability.

Ron attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied sculpting and product design. He went on to work for Chapman, Goldsmith & Yamasaki before spending 35 years at MDesign. There he designed products for Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Parker Brothers, and SpinMaster, among others. His creative efforts are the driving force behind Seaside Sustainability’s look, logo, letterhead, and other essential aspects of design.

In order for Seaside Sustainability to grow in the coming years, Ron suggests inventing something that will be a new source for income. He thinks an original product that is biodegradable and helps awaken people to their consumption habits is an engaging way for the organization to grow in popularity and spread their mission. He also emphasizes the importance of Public Relations for finding new and innovative ways that Seaside Sustainability can expand its reach.

Ron is very in tune with Eric, and he has big visions for the success of his son’s organization. He proclaims himself to be Seaside Sustainability’s strongest, most loyal advocate, and his admiration for Eric certainly shines through in the work he does for the organization.

Thank you for your continued support and creative vision, Ron!


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