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This Month in Climate Change History

On Behalf of the entire team here at the C Change Newsletter we would like to welcome you to a brand new segment, “This week in climate change history.”

In this section we will detail significant weather or climate change events that occurred around this time throughout history. We believe this section will be interesting to read and also poignant to learn that many major discoveries regarding climate change may be older than you think!

January 2013:

The summer of 2012-2013 is known as the Angry Summer in Australia and contained some of the most consistently volatile weather ever recorded on the continent with scorching temperatures and major flooding. January 2013 recorded the hottest day in Australia up until that point and was known to be the hottest January on record in Australia at the time. Scientists in Australia were ultimately able to link the Angry Summer to a “fundamentally shifting” climate after some debate.


1) “Australia links 'angry summer' to climate change – at last” The Guardian, Australia links 'angry summer' to climate change – at last | Environment | The Guardian


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