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Volunteer for the Restoration Effort:


Seaside Sustainability is excited to be spearheading the Chebacco Lake Coalition working towards the restoration of Chebacco Lake and the surrounding watershed. By convening members of state agencies as well as members of local government, organizations, and the community who are committed to the health of the watershed, we hope to restore this valuable resource so it can be enjoyed for many years to come. We are currently seeking volunteers during the month of August to sign up for 2-3 hour morning and afternoon shifts to take part in the Alewife Brook restoration efforts at the corner of Apple St. and Western Ave. in Essex. The scope of work and more information regarding the volunteer work to be performed is described below. Together, we can work to protect this vital ecosystem.

Location: The work site is at the corner of Apple Street and Western Avenue (Rt. 22) in Essex, but we will be looking to expand the scope of the project to other parts of the Brook and the lake in the future.


Time: The morning sessions are scheduled from 9AM-12PM and the afternoon sessions are from 1PM-4PM. 

What is Provided: All tools and equipment, as well as instructions for performing the work, will be available at the site. 


Attire: Since you will be wading in the brook to remove the material, you will get wet//muddy. Water shoes, wading boots, crocs, or other old shoes you don’t mind getting wet and dirty as well as work/garden gloves are highly recommended. Comfortable outdoor clothing (shorts, pants, short- or long- sleeve shirts) which can get muddy/wet is also important. 

What You Should Bring/Know: We also recommend bringing a towel, sunblock, and bug spray as well as your own water. Please bring your own food if needed. Keep in mind we will be following all local and state guidelines for COVID-19. You will also be asked to sign a liability waiver at the site.

Scope of Work

Throughout August, our coalition of local stakeholders convened will be working alongside volunteers during morning and afternoon shifts to improve the water flow of Alewife Brook. Our work will focus around the Apple Street location in Essex and will consist of removing live and dead vegetation from the stream as well as other manageable obstructions that currently block water flow and clear passage to Chebacco Lake. By removing the plant growth that has clogged the brook, the spawning alewife herring will have unimpeded access to travel to and from Chebacco Lake. Additionally, we will be clearing invasive species from the area as permitted to improve overall ecosystem health. 


Click the link above to get involved and if you have any questions regarding our efforts, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of these contacts:


Max Rudzinsky; Community Advisor for Marine Science and Education at Seaside Sustainability; rudzinskym@seasidesustainability.org

Cole Falk; Eagle Scout Candidate Organizing Volunteers; colefalkr@gmail.com 

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About the Chebacco Lake and Watershed Association


The Chebacco Lake and Watershed Association is a community based organization working to protect the water quality and wildlife habitat of Chebacco Lake. Founded in 1985, the association promotes responsible use of both the lake and surrounding watershed through education and restoration work so that we can continue to enjoy Chebacco Lake. The association is open to all residents of the area and friends of the lake.



Interested in joining? Contact Sue Mc Laughlin at sjmclaughlin@verizon.net or visit and message on our Facebook page.