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Intern Spotlight: Linda Bibeau

This week we will be featuring Linda Bibeau as our intern spotlight!

Linda is from Danvers, MA but spent the last four years at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. Since graduating from Phillips Academy last June, she is currently taking a gap year to explore her interests before attending Williams College this fall. She is aiming to study Political Economy with an Environmental Science or Public Health concentration. Some of her passions include sustainable fashion and environmental law.

Before interning with Seaside Sustainability, Linda worked as a Finance intern. Linda chose to intern with Seaside Sustainability because she is interested to see how an organization relies primarily on the passionate individuals volunteering. Her interests lie within the intersections between policy, economy and the environment in which she believes are deeply connected to one another and that people must recognize the implications of each. She is mainly interested in policy and social change through a scientific lens—how we can unite the two sectors, and how we can consider ethics and equity in core parts of our society such as health care and climate change.

As an intern, Linda is part of the Legislation team and the Green Scholars team. Her role on the Legislation team consists of bringing the sunscreen guide to completion by making the sections clearer and working with the Marketing team to design the final product. She is also working on the Circular Economy Marina Plastics team for Legislation, researching shrink wrap recycling programs throughout the country and trying to find ways to establish one in Massachusetts. As a Green Scholars member, she is involved in the Environmental Literacy team, working on researching and writing the Triple Bottom Line chapter.

Often emphasized in her Legislation meetings, Linda has learned that change is hard to accomplish without education, and conversely, education is a pipeline to change. By being on both the Green Scholars team and Legislation team, she has learned that starting conversation and educating people creates positive changes in the environment and vice versa. Thus far, she has been enjoying Seaside Sustainability’s projects and goals, and finds the two teams to be different, but both equally important. After the completion of her internship at the end of April, Linda is excited to go off the grid and backpack with NOLs in the Pacific Northwest for about two months.

Thank you for all the wonderful contributions you make to the Seaside Sustainability team! We are excited to see where your interests within policy, economy, and the environment will take you.


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